Hamlet’s Third Soliloquy: Melancholy vs Mourning

Sigmund Freud clarifies the difference between melancholy and mourning as depending on the un/conscious response of the individual. Though both mental states share similarities, as both can make people depart from normal attitudes of life, mourning is a conscious, natural response to a loss of a “loved one”1 or “some abstraction”1. The mental features of … More Hamlet’s Third Soliloquy: Melancholy vs Mourning

America, Donald Trump and Presidential Debates

What is so fascinating about the United States? I say it’s partly due to its superpower status and the millions of us chasing the American Dream. Most obviously, the current global fascination with the US is only promoted due to the current presidential nominees with the spotlight hitting Donald Trump (Drumpf). Having read some analysis in the morning … More America, Donald Trump and Presidential Debates

Paris: The Metro

I dreamt of the Parisian scene where I would be surrounded by stylish women, Chanel bags, long trench coats and cafés lining the sidewalks. I was not too disappointed, though I probably should have been more reasonable with my expectations. Of course it wasn’t an active runway where I had to swim my way through 6ft models or … More Paris: The Metro

Paris: Eurostar

Have you ever got on the Tube and witness poor souls racing to haul their luggage onto the train before the doors shut? Then you realise: they’re taking up a quarter of the bloody space. Well, imagine that but instead of one annoying traveller, there are seven of them. My family decided, much to my dismay and hypocriticalness, … More Paris: Eurostar

Disneyland – Overview

Returning to Disneyland as a stoic-looking, hormonal teenager did have some setbacks. In all honesty, one reason I was enthusiastic was because I could take the aesthetically-pleasing photos leading me one step closer to my goal: becoming Instagram famous. My two cousins were pros when it came to that social media platform and love to take pictures, so it was the perfect … More Disneyland – Overview