Nick’s Presentation in the first two pages of Great Gatsby

A short introductory note on Nick I wrote ages ago. It was my first glance on him and the novel. Fitzgerald presents Nick as recluse and introverted which gives reason to his perceptive and skeptical nature towards people at first glance. He begins the narrative by commenting on himself and how he was taught by his … More Nick’s Presentation in the first two pages of Great Gatsby

Catherine’s PoV

Short re-creative of the night when Myrtle got punched. I have been here for three hours. Through the shroud of smoke blurring my vision, I could hear more clearly – as if every noise was intensified. The little dog’s whimpering, Mckee’s deep inhale and exhale and the scattering of feet were the current soundtrack of … More Catherine’s PoV

Death of a Son

Death of Jay Gatsby in the perspective of his dad, Henry Gatz. Jimmy had always been one step ahead. From a young age his daily routines and life was outlined in the back of his old book, Hopalong Cassidy. The first book he purchased with his own money. His schedule proved he had the mindset … More Death of a Son