Tips for first years (Part 2)


Part 1

11) Friendships are weird

You will find out five months later, after you’ve shared your deepest, darkest secrets, that your friend has a younger sister.

12) Actually read during reading week

I know, I know. Reading week sounds more like half-term, but use this time to catch up on anything you’ve missed or read that one book or chapter you were supposed to. You’ll thank yourself later.

13) Get to know your town/city

Skyscrapers or cliffside, go out and explore where you’ll be living for the next six months. IMG_0575

14) Learn how to cook

As great as instant ramen is, they can only feed you for so long. Uni is great for messing up and learning how to cook because even though your flatmates might complain about the burning smell, at least it isn’t your mum telling you off.

15) Do your laundry and don’t leave it in the machines!

Don’t leave your laundry until you have one fresh pair of underwear left! If your uni only has ten washing machines and dryers for 800 people (this is the case for my accommodation, I’m not exaggerating), you might struggle to find machines. Additionally, collect your clothes on time in courtesy of others. If you leave it for more than 30 minutes, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find your freshly washed clothes thrown on the floor.

16) If you have a free gym, use it.

Or at least sign up for access.

17) Try and go to every lecture/seminars (lol)

Okay. Maybe I didn’t attend every single lecture and yes, I know 9am lectures are scheduled to make you feel pain and you can watch the recordings. But after the second week of strikes in my university, missing lectures that I didn’t decide to skip suddenly made me aware of the amount money I am not going to be reimbursed, and how much money I have wasted because I slept at 3am watching YouTube videos.

18) Reference/create your bibliography while you research

There no point in even advising to do your work as early as possible. But I will tell you that referencing is a desperately slow torture.

Copy quotes you may need onto a document with the page and book or website you got it from. This will make it so much quicker to do referencing later on, especially when you’ve left your work for last minute. IMG_7182

19) Ask about student discounts

I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved. Even if it’s 10%, take the spare change. It all adds up, trust me.

20) No one knows exactly what they’re doing. Relax.

Unless people have travelled back in time or this is the 3618764371 time they are doing the exact degree, no one knows what they’re doing. That’s the beauty of university: you’re all lost together.


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