Looks: Snow Day

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Decided to be extra and tried to take photos out in the snow. Shoutout to my sister who braved the -24742950℃ temperature for an hour because I couldn’t pose right.

I love snow. It usually means hot chocolate, an abundance of blankets and a good book or movie on. I, as I was desperately trying to update my Instagram, decided this would be the perfect time to get winter photos. So I told my sister to dress up warm and for an hour I modelled as my parents were laughing at us from their bedroom window. As to how my sister was resilient enough not to throw my phone over the hill, I am not sure of her secrets.

It’s great being inside when it’s snowing, but dressing up to brave the cold takes determination. Underneath my already knee-high boots, are a layer of tights and jeans. I also had on a vest and a thermal underneath my long sleeve shirt because I, as hard as I try to be, am unfortunately no ice queen.

Coat: Zara

Scarf: My mum’s closet – Similar to ASOS Woven Scarf

Boots: La Moda Knee High Boots

Bag: Michael Kors – Similar to Michael Kors Duffel


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