The Great Gatsby: Wolfsheim

A re-creative from when Wolfsheim meets Nick for the first time. Had to miss

Amongst the figures slowly appeared a skinny man. Gatsby introduces him as Mr Carraway, a friend. Upon closer inspection, he is even lankier with a baby face – he looks like he would not last a day in the real world.

‘This is a nice restaurant here,’ the classic paintings of naked women on the ceiling remind me of one I saw in an auction before, but the place across the street is better.

‘It’s too hot over there,’ remarks Gatsby.

‘Hot and small – yes, but full of memories.’ I remember the women, the liquor, the gambling and the faces of my old companions. Rosy was a loss, but an idiot that stepped into his death. ‘They shot him three times in his full belly and drove away.’

‘Four of them were electrocuted,’ Careaway remarks. Kid’s got knowledge. Maybe he isn’t as oblivious as I credit him for.

‘Five with Becker,’ I correct whilst giving him my full attention. He looks tense. ‘‘I understand you’re looking for a business connection.’

‘Oh, no. This isn’t the man,’ Gatsby rushed. I’m disappointed as usually a man of his appearance would be vital when fooling my enemies. ‘This is just a friend. I told you we’d talk about that some other time.’ At least Gatsby finally had a companion away from the business.

Gatsby looks at his watch and leaves the table to make a call on the current proceedings.

‘Fine fellow, isn’t he? Handsome to look at and a perfect gentlemen,’ I say as I see the usual slight turn of heads, the curious and longing gazes of both men and women directed towards the disappearing figure.


‘He went to Oxford College in England. You know Oxford College?’ Surely he should know about how skilful Gatsby is. I knew I could use him good, he even worked for a client of mine in Albany. ‘It’s one of the most famous colleges in the world.’

‘Have you known Gatsby for a long time?’ Careaway enquired, his attention on the table where my cufflinks occasionally scrape.

‘Several years. I made the pleasure of his acquaintance just after the war.’ He’s one the most trustworthy men I know. ‘The man is so loyal he would not even look at a friends wife.’

Gatsby returns, subtly giving me a pointed look. The deal went successfully I assume. ‘I have enjoyed my lunch,’ I excuse myself.


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