A WhatsApp Sent

Pastiche on John Donne’s ‘A Jet Ring Set’. This was fun to make. 🙂


Thy checketh marks art not as blue as my heart,

Nor half so loud as mine own silence, thou art;

What would’st thou say? Shall my irrelevance by

thee be commended,

-‘Nothing more luminous, nothing sooner ended’

I wilt not alloweth cowardice,

Why should ought less respectful, or less brave as this,

endeth us? Except in thy status thou bid it say,

-‘My major clues, ignored, like that gent didst thee: every day’

Yet stay with me now through image still,

Thee art more blue, and it is a thrill,

Be justly proud, when I replied, ‘I bite my thumb

at you’,

He that, O, wilt maketh thee a witness to the next victim he wilt pursue!


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