Catherine’s PoV

Short re-creative of the night when Myrtle got punched.

I have been here for three hours. Through the shroud of smoke blurring my vision, I could hear more clearly – as if every noise was intensified. The little dog’s whimpering, Mckee’s deep inhale and exhale and the scattering of feet were the current soundtrack of the party.

Now, Myrtle and Tom’s voices slowly dominate the party. Though they’re discussing in impassioned voices, Myrtle’s hushed tones transformed into a shrill. ‘Daisy! Daisy!’, provoking Tom and proving her little worth, ‘I’ll say it whenever I want to! Daisy! Dais-’

Tom punches her.

I move swiftly to my insolent sister. A man should never lay his hand on a woman, but how is she to think a man of his status and dominance wouldn’t silence her? My God she can be thick. She’s always been the less intellectual of the two of us.

Her blood was now flowing fluently over the scenes of Versailles. I run around the room as hysterical as possible gathering random items trying to get Tom’s attention and protect the room, but it’s not much help. The white cotton towels and jackets are now tainted with her blood, making me anxious over the furniture she’s going to further stain. Tom’s spent thousands on these items and here she is ruining everything in thirty seconds! The furniture would have been kept pristine if they were my possession. Tom wouldn’t have had to punch me if I were his, so I scold Myrtle for her gall. I scold and console her for being stupid, reckless and brave. In this world, a woman cannot disrespect someone as elite as Tom and she knows that, but still acts this way.Though she is my sister and I love her dearly, I’m just as pretty, if not more. I understand his needs better than she does and I’m smarter because clearly, I know when and how to keep my mouth shut and she doesn’t.

As the humidity of the room makes my skin as sticky as the droplets of crimson on her face, I still clean the blood away. As a woman and her sister, my heart goes out to her: the girl who’s looking for a way out of a purposeless marriage, settling for a relationship with a man she loves, but will never be hers.


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