Writings: Daughter of the Air

Just a little writing heavily inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’.


She was always the audacious one; a free spirit, never still and always curious, but she was as fresh as the summer breeze for when she loved, she loved wholeheartedly. With her vigour and compassion, she filled the kingdom with joy and captured our father’s heart with fondness. Her voice was even more alluring than a Siren’s call, hence her name Sirenetta. Seductive, soothing and hauntingly pure, she would be able to calm even those who were in the midst of dying feel as if they were about to ascend to the Elysian fields. She sacrificed her wind pipes, comfort and the luxury as a princess of the sea for the love of a mere mortal.

It was the twenty first day after her birthday when she met her demise. Ren, after waiting eighteen years, was finally able to break past the surface of our ocean and view the divergent grounds of land animals which she only managed to vaguely depict from the thousands of questions she had asked myself and our five other sisters. Although she loved nature and its beauty, what caught her eye was not the yellow shore compromising of minuscule rocks unlike our oldest sister, Aquata, nor was it the fluffy white clouds adorning the azure sky unlike our middle sister, Meredith. She was captivated by a prince of the Earth – a suave young man carrying an air of regality whom she saved from death’s clammy hands, only to be held by them again later as a form of payment. Later on that night she barged into our bedroom and gushed about the “angel on earth” she rescued, yet watch fall in love with another maiden who he thought saved him. Albeit crestfallen, determination blazed through her eyes and that’s when I knew I had to stop her.

I told father about the boy. Suddenly alert and in fear of losing Sirenetta, he trapped her in the castle, ordered guards to keep close watch and told my sisters and I not to leave her out of our sights. Amazingly, she managed to escape the watchdogs and somehow found and travelled to the sea-witch’s cave. There, she managed to make a deal and seal her death. She wanted feet – not a fish tail that would hinder the prince falling in love with her. As well as her voice, she would exchange life in the sea for pain as excruciating as a sword tearing her apart. All this, yet the deal would not be sealed if the prince did not fall in love with her for if he married someone else, she would die and all that would be left is foam.

The first time our sister Thalassa and I saw her as a human she was contented. Even though she might have been going through unbearable pain, her smile showcased her pearl white teeth whilst her cobalt eyes shone brighter than ever. She waved at us from across the shore and a few feet behind her talking to a guard was the boy. Ren’s arm was gently grasped as the prince told her to follow him as they went back to the castle just up the beach. Obediently following, her golden tresses swayed as she walked by his side. That was the last time I saw her happy.

After a week, I heard that a dreadful situation had arisen and Ren would no longer live – the prince was getting married to the woman he thought saved him. Quickly conjuring up a plan, my sisters and I met up with the sea urchin to find a way to save her. Fortunately, our hair was the only price my sisters and I had to pay to spare her life. Unfortunately for Ren, she had to kill the prince to live.

We swam to the beach as quickly as we could, only to find her silently weeping and breathing heavily. Aquata gave her the knife and the what she would need to do to live and Ren took the knife absentmindedly. I knew what her decision was at that moment.

Father was enraged at her actions and himself, though that did not compare to his anguish and misery over losing a daughter. My sisters and I mourn everyday, wishing we could make the prince suffer. All that was left of her was foam, washed away in the waters we swim through.


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